The Curriculum Conundrum

The Curriculum Conundrum.

In fact, most state Departments of Education are quick to point out that CCSS is not to blame for any of our current curriculum woes while schools are quick to point out that CCSS made them do it. Convenient, isn’t it? No one accepts the blame and the students are the ones who are short-changed.

What Is Common Core: 101

Stop Common Core!


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This post is an introduction to many issues  included in this simple question: “What Is Common Core?” 

Parents and retired teachers, it is up to us to stop this thing.  Teachers who are currently teaching, or principals, or others who work in the education sales industry dare not speak up too loudly or risk losing their jobs. 

This post aims to be as unmistakably direct and clear and documented as possible.    I will add questions and answers  to this page, so please visit again.   Feel free to use it in any way you like without asking permission.


No one knows.  They are an unpiloted experiment.  Time will tell.  But people who are financially invested in Common Core  say yes  to the question, while people who aren’t financially interested, and who study and analyze the Common Core standards, say no.


Dr. James Milgram (Stanford University emeritus…

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Stop Common Core

Nope, still not blogging here but I signed in to “like” an anti-Common Core post so I figured I’d write a post to prove that I’m still alive 😉  I think I’m going to keep myself logged in from now I so I can follow and like the many WordPress blogs and blog posts I’ve seen lately that are against Common Core (State) Standards.  Yes, State is in parenthesis for a reason.  These standards are from the federal level and “state” is just a word thrown in to give the illusion of local control.