The Down Low on the Up Kilt of Sam Heughan


When I write about Outlander, I try to keep the blog light and funny and I think I succeed most of the time.  But lately something’s been bothering me that I can no longer hold down without risk of a stroke.  It’s been the talk of Twitter and Facebook, so I’m sure many of you have seen the latest photo of Sam Heughan released by Starz.  I don’t have an opinion on, nor do I want to make assumptions about, their motivation other than it’s simply a great photo, but I do want to discuss the fan reaction to that photo.

Someone has lightened the image in an attempt to get a clearer view up his kilt and this lightened image has been making the social-media rounds.  Along with posting this newly edited version, women are posting juvenile and degrading remarks about him and his underwear or…

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The Problem with Fandoms (a/k/a The Objectification of Sam Heughan)

Agree 100%. Everyone needs to remember the difference between fact and fantasy, between actors and their characters. Sam and Cait are real people who have been thrust into the spotlight and have been nothing but wonderful to their fans, Diana’s fans, Outlander book series fans, and Outlander Starz fans. Considering how generous they are with their fans via social media, we all have to realize there’s a good chance any of them can end up reading what we write and, thus, we should always be respectful. And even if they don’t see it, we should still be respectful and treat them fairly.

The Word Peddler

Fandoms rock. You know what rocks even more? Respectful fandoms. Fandoms that don’t have a sense of entitlement. Fandoms that don’t objectify. Fandoms that aren’t snide and snarky.

I am a proud fan-girl. I binge watch The Walking Dead. I eagerly try to convert others into Sherlockians. Somewhere there is a belt with a notch for every friend I have turned into a Whovian. I will talk Outlander all day long (and often do talk about it all day–to anyone who will listen, and many who don’t). So, when I find others who are equally obsessive, it’s like finding a kindred soul…except when it isn’t.

There is a dark underbelly to the fandoms. One which I didn’t really see until it stared back at me from my Facebook feed. Eager Outlander that I am, I recently joined several groups on Facebook: Other people who have read the books and loved…

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(January 12, 2015 – Culver City, CA) Madison Gate Records announced the release of OUTLANDER Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 1 in digital and CD formats on February 10, 2015. The album features original music composed by Emmy® Award-Winner Bear McCreary (EVERLY, THE WALKING DEAD, DA VINCI’S DEMONS) along with period-accurate songs adapted by McCreary for the television series, including the main title theme, “The Skye Boat Song,” performed by Raya Yarbrough. The album was produced in collaboration with McCreary’s Sparks & Shadows label.

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