The Down Low on the Up Kilt of Sam Heughan


When I write about Outlander, I try to keep the blog light and funny and I think I succeed most of the time.  But lately something’s been bothering me that I can no longer hold down without risk of a stroke.  It’s been the talk of Twitter and Facebook, so I’m sure many of you have seen the latest photo of Sam Heughan released by Starz.  I don’t have an opinion on, nor do I want to make assumptions about, their motivation other than it’s simply a great photo, but I do want to discuss the fan reaction to that photo.

Someone has lightened the image in an attempt to get a clearer view up his kilt and this lightened image has been making the social-media rounds.  Along with posting this newly edited version, women are posting juvenile and degrading remarks about him and his underwear or…

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