I saved someone’s life today

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Update: “Al” called “Joe” today.  He apologized and said he was very embarrassed.  He also called “Sally” and told her he needed to take a few days off.  This is good news.  This shows that he’s planning for the future, to be at work soon, if nothing else.  The detective was also kind enough to call Joe and fill him in as best he could given privacy issues.  Highly appreciated.

Please note that no matter who you are, what you’re going through, or who you might think won’t care or notice that you’re gone, chances are that there are people who care, will miss you (this guy only had about 2 hours leeway before panic set in), want to help you, and won’t judge you.  Please don’t let the unnecessary and misunderstood stigma of mental illness stop you from asking for help.


Outlander’s Outsider: Laoghaire

What can I say about Laoghaire MacKenzie, the resident wannabe slut of Castle Leoch?  Well, I don’t like her one bit.  I can certainly say that.  She bugged me from the moment she came on screen in Episode 102 and that was before I read the books.  During the hiatus known as Droughtlander, I read the first five books in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and boy do I hate Laoghaire now!

I watched the much anticipated Episode 109 – The Reckoning – and while everyone else is freaking out about how Jamie handled (both figuratively and literally) Laoghaire at the brook, I’m salivating over Jamie’s final word of the episode: “Laoghaire.”  One thing that REALLY BUGGED me in Voyager and beyond was that Diana had Jamie marry Laoghaire.  Maybe there’s some purpose to this in book 6 or beyond, but so far, as of the end of The Fiery Cross, I see no real reason for Diana to have thrown this wrench in the story line.  It is my greatest wish that Ronald D. Moore takes liberties with this story line and has Jamie learn in Season 1 that Laoghaire is a vindictive little bitch who tries to have Claire executed and that that is the end of Laoghaire in Jamie’s life.  Maybe we can get a glimpse of her sad, fat self in Season 3 but not as she’s screeching at and shooting her sort-of-husband.

The Jamie-Laoghaire marriage serves no purpose.

1. It makes Jenny into an unlikable character due to her meddling.  I want to like Jenny.  She’s Jamie’s beloved sister who helped raise him and loves him to pieces.  So, why, if she felt that she needed to meddle and find him a new wife, couldn’t she have picked ANY other woman in the Scottish Highlands???  Are you telling me that Laoghaire was the only woman available?!

2.  If it’s to put another chink in the perfection of Jamie, it could’ve been done with someone else.  He’s already been with Mary McNab and Geneva Dunsany.  Both of those liaisons bugged me but seemed to serve a purpose in the story.  Jenny could’ve married him off to someone else, for pete’s sake.

3.  If it’s to eventually get Fergus and Marsali together, that could’ve been achieved in any number of ways.  Honestly, she doesn’t even need to be Laoghaire’s daughter.  Once they leave Scotland, her parentage is only used as a device to insert conflict between her and Claire on the ship to America and for Claire to get satisfaction every time she’s called Mother Claire by her enemy’s offspring.  Neither of these are necessary plot points.

4.  If it’s so Jamie and Claire can struggle with money (because Jamie feels obligated to continue paying alimony from across the Atlantic), they could’ve struggled financially anyway!

I just don’t see the point!  It’s as if Diana put the marriage in there intending to do something more with it and then changed her mind.

So, given that, as far as I can see, there is no point to this plot line, I would LOVE for Ron Moore to changes things up and have Jamie realize that Laoghaire is no good right now starting with the ill wish.  Then I’d like him to know during or immediately afterward that Laoghaire was responsible for Claire being with Geillis at that fateful moment in Craigsmuir.  I don’t want him to find out 20+ years later in an anti-climactic “oh, by the way” statement years after the Frasers have left Scotland and set up in North Carolina.  Seriously, why does Diana even bother bringing it up at that point?

Ron Moore, Starz, Outlander’s writing team, Maril Davis, Matt B. Roberts, and anyone else with pull, PLEASE depart from the books when it comes to Laoghaire!  Let Jamie see the evil soul that lives behind those sad blue eyes now.  Please, please, please, please, PLEASE!

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