19 Signs You’re A Superior Asshole From The Northeast

This is 100% true. NJ all the way!

Thought Catalog

1. You’ve never lived south of the Mason-Dixon line and you probably never will.

2. When people call you a sarcastic bitch, you don’t take it as an insult. You appreciate that they acknowledge that trait and love you for it.

3. When you give someone a compliment, it means a lot to them because you compliment sparingly. Your compliments have a lot of clout because you wouldn’t say something that kind unless you genuinely meant it.

4. You love fall foliage, but wish tourists would just shut up about it. The last thing you need is to run into another BnB-er yapping about how they just love your state this time of year.

5. You own at least one slightly preppy or conservative outfit because you understand how to dress in civilized society and that it’s not always appropriate for people to have rips all over their clothing.


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