Outlander, The Watch Photo Recap

Hello Outlander lovers,

We’re back with another “Thoughts During” recap ( a late one, but I’m catching up.)

So, where were we? Yes. Jamie’s in trouble. I can hear you say “When isn’t he in trouble?” and I agree, dear reader. This precious cinnamon roll seems to be too good for the world and he should be protected at all costs, even though he’s practically a red haired giant and could probably lift you and me both.

smto1 (2)

“Misfire and I’ll run my pistol down your gut.” Jamie, this might not be the best time to sass these people.

smto1 (9)

Claire’s like, “Can I panic now?” She can’t catch a break.

smto1 (18)

Jenny to the rescue. She has such great timing. I also love her crisis management/super fast lying skills. “He’s my cousin.”

smto1 (37)smto1 (30)smto1 (34)

Look who else is coming:

smto1 (99)

This nervous ball of sunshine is so important.

smto1 (104)

So they’ve been providing shelter…

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