My thoughts while watching Outlander episode 209 “Je Suis Prest”


  1. I love Fergus. Loved him in the book.  Love him in the show.  One of Diana’s greatest characters.  ❤
  2. I’ve missed Rupert’s voice so much!!! ❤
  3. Oh no! Willie!  Oh… that’s all.  Whew!  ❤
  4. Jamie is so pretty. ❤
  5. Love the way he says “’tis” like “tez.” ❤
  6. Drill Sergeant Murtagh. Waiting for him to go all “There’s only 2 things that come from the Highlands: steers and …” on them.  2016-06-04-11-50-42
  7. PTSD Flashback Claire
  8. Me likey the background mens choir singing.  ❤
  9. So, only 5 men in the Highlands know how to fight?
  10. OMG someone else said JHRC
  11. Hey, are you guys from Easy Company? General Sink, Colonel Winters, Bill Guernere? hqdefault
  12. Please flashback to the first time Jamie says “Je Suis Prest.” Please, please, please. giphy-1
  13. Tell him what you’re thinking about, dummy!
  14. Looks like the first day of band camp with a bunch of freshman.
  15. Jamie’s rockin’ Brian’s leather coat. ❤
  16. Is he going to yell FREEDOM!!! at the end of this speech?braveheart
  17. Hills sounds like hells.
  18. OMG Dougal’s moobs are flopping. Ew!!!!Outlander_2.09_je_suis_prest_fools_rush_in
  19. Don’t you guys know you’re supposed to use light blue war paint ala Mel Gibson?91aaeaf622bb08ccd99d6eb901a99805
  20. And clean that mud off yer face, uncle. Ye look ridiculous, ye wee smout.
  21. Now I can see my reflection in his shiny bald heid.
  22. Claire’s goin’ Greek on Dougal!
  23. LMAO!!!! Fuck yourself.
  24. What a beautiful place to set up camp and train. ❤
  25. Hollow Claire
  26. Ew nasty Angus toes! Trench foot.  Knew it.6f75f976625cfbb9a39ae679c75618d9
  27. We don’t want any Lt. Dan’s here! 5g265o
  28. Come on… Murtagh or Rupert to the rescue. No?
  29. Yay! Jamie looks tall for a change.
  30. In-charge Jamie is hot!
  31. Doh! Dougie’s busted down to sentry duty.
  32. Pukey passout Claire
  33. Ambush!
  34. And all the while Frank was in a comfy office.
  35. I have seen shit you 18th century n00bs can never imagine.
  36. Jamie’s looking hot again.  This episode is chock full of Jamie hotness.
  37. I can’t stay and I can’t go. I’ll just stay here and be jittery.
  38. A Dragonfly in Amber!
  39. You’ll never be alone again… even if it means 20 years of misery with Dr. Boring.
  40. Haven’t seen Jamie piss on a wall since early in Season 1.
  41. Oh my. Is this Not-Yet-Lord John Gray?  Not how I pictured it happening.  I pictured them in a forest.Outlander-Je-Suis-Prest-2x09-promotional-picture-outlander-2014-tv-series-39667186-1800-1200
  42. Oh yes please do the scene! Go, Claire, go!
  43. Lmao at the faces of the guys who don’t know what she’s up to.
  44. Hahaha The looks between J&C!
  45. Why not just call him John from the start?
  46. Lol Claire is so good with her “acting.” At least they didn’t bare her breast.
  47. Oh, you’ll meet again. And again and again.
  48. This episode is so much better than the last one.
  49. Show ‘em your nasty back. 6 lashes ain’t nothing.  Love taps compared to the damage wrought by BJR.
  50. Nice war paint.
  51. Jamie looks hot in war paint. Murtagh just looks scary.  But Jamie reminds me of Mathias Nygard in full Turisas regalia.tumblr_lroqzkO9uz1qe1utko1_1280
  52. We be burnin’ yer wheelz.
  53. I’ve burnt stuff. I’m horny.  Let me get war paint on your face.
  54. I like their rustic abode. Too bad they have to leave it.
  55. The singing sounds like Latin or Hebrew or Native American, not Gaelic.
  56. Bigger camp.
  57. How nice, throwing your dear uncle a bone. Wait til he meets that fop.


Post episode:

  1. Ron Moore is a good looking man.
  2. I love you a lil bit too, Matt Roberts.

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