My thoughts while watching Outlander Episode 210 “Prestonpans”


  1. Bagpipes! Like actually on the show, not just in the music.
  2. Uh oh. Bloody, maggot leg.
  3. Sky dandruff
  4. That quartermaster dude sounds Irish.
  5. Oh, that’s because he is Irish. I’m getting good at accents.
  6. Damn my liver! Lol
  7. Mark me! DRINK!! ChVmoHoUkAAZFgl
  8. Oh, poor Charles. He’s so delusional and clueless.
  9. Jamie and a bunch of old dudes. Tall, young, ungrayed hair.  Mmmm…
  10. Mark me! DRINK!! ChVmoHoUkAAZFgl
  11. Hot Jamie. Hot Jamie.  Hot Jamie.
  12. lol  You don’t know Claire, princey.  She has no lord and master but herself.
  13. Angus is such as child.
  14. Ooh, Murtagh. Nice threat.  I like it.
  15. Nice reverse psychology on Dougal. Yer a clever lad, Jamie my boy.
  16. Angus and Rupert are so silly.
  17. Don’t shoot the horsey! Aim for Uncle Doogie.
  18. Hope you didna like that hat too much, Unk D.
  19. Yes, Dougal, we’ve learned that the Brits aren’t verra good shots.
  20. HAHAHA! Love Dougal’s face upon getting hugged.
  21. Mark me! DRINK!! ChVmoHoUkAAZFgl
  22. The general’s coat is stunning. Not gaudy but stately.
  23. Poopy pants MacKenzie lol
  24. I wonder why Anderson thought to come to Claire.  Interesting.  I like him.

    Outlander, 210 - Trailer
    Outlander, 210 “Prestonpans” – Trailer ©2016 Sony Pictures Television
  25. Damn, Angus has knobby knees.
  26. Scarrrrlet the hoorr. Pardon me. Part-time hoorr.
  27. I like these different types of pre-battle introspection. The 2 practical Scots and their families, goofballs Angus and Rupert, deep Murtagh and Jamie.
  28. Horrid timing, Fergus.
  29. There go the Tin Man and the Lion. Now to Murtagh, Claire’s Scarecrow.
  30. Settle down, Jamie. Don’t want to go into battle with a stiffy.
  31. If I were Claire, I’d be puking all over as soon as they were out the door. My gut can’t take this.
  32. Bonnie Prince Mark Me went along? Silly fop.outlander-exclusive-ss02
  33. Where’s Fergus?
  34. Oh geez, Ferg. Don’t be stupid.
  35. Seriously, Charles? You’re as bad as little Fergus.
  36. Mark me! DRINK!!ChVmoHoUkAAZFgl
  37. Claire’s her own kind of general. Leading her army of healers.
  38. Twitchy
  39. Do Jamie or Murtagh know Fergus is there?
  40. Slo-mo time!
  41. LMAO Sleepy sentry.  You’re in trouble!!
  42. You just can’t beat the element of surprise.
  43. Those red coats sure come in handy when fighting in the fog and needing to know who’s on which side.
  44. Thinking you’ve made the wrong decision, Fergie?
  45. Fuck you. Stand your own ground.
  46. Oh no. Is this where we lose Rupert?
  47. Good on you, Angus. I don’t care what you’ve promised BPC.  Friends come first.
  48. Rupert’s got a good layer of chub. That might help.
  49. Happy, victorious Jamie. And Murtagh.  Was that a smile?
  50. Too much for a little boy to take. Poor, sweet boy.
  51. Dougal.  Oh, Dougal.  Finish ‘em off.  Put ‘em out o’ their misery.
  52. Lt. Foster! Looks thinner.
  53. Oh my. I wasn’t as enamored with Lt. Foster as some were but that was cold, Doogs.
  54. See! Murtagh’s thinking like me. Protective blubber.
  55. Concussion Gus isn’t looking so good.
  56. Is this where the phrase “pissing contest” comes from?
  57. Oh shut the fuck up, Dougal.
  58. Oopsy! You got caught behaving badly.
  59. Jamie, my boy, you are indeed a verra quick thinker.
  60. Ingenious. Yeah, that’s what I meant.
  61. Rogue. Benevolence.  Do ye need a dictionary, Doog?
  62. Now THAT is a compliment. A plan worthy of Colum.
  63. Angus sounds rabid. Oh my god this is awful.
  64. Rupert is, I’m sure, part bear.
  65. Please let Rupert live. Please let Rupert live.  I can’t take losing Rupert now, too.
  66. “War tastes bitter no matter the outcome.” Good quote.
  67. Go lie back down, Rupert! You’re a terrible patient.
  68. He and Ross do a nice duet.



  1. Was that a preview for next week?
  2. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT PURPLE GOATEE?!?! Frickin’ scary.outlander-202-writer

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