My thoughts while watching Outlander episode 209 “Je Suis Prest”


  1. I love Fergus. Loved him in the book.  Love him in the show.  One of Diana’s greatest characters.  ❤
  2. I’ve missed Rupert’s voice so much!!! ❤
  3. Oh no! Willie!  Oh… that’s all.  Whew!  ❤
  4. Jamie is so pretty. ❤
  5. Love the way he says “’tis” like “tez.” ❤
  6. Drill Sergeant Murtagh. Waiting for him to go all “There’s only 2 things that come from the Highlands: steers and …” on them.  2016-06-04-11-50-42
  7. PTSD Flashback Claire
  8. Me likey the background mens choir singing.  ❤
  9. So, only 5 men in the Highlands know how to fight?
  10. OMG someone else said JHRC
  11. Hey, are you guys from Easy Company? General Sink, Colonel Winters, Bill Guernere? hqdefault
  12. Please flashback to the first time Jamie says “Je Suis Prest.” Please, please, please. giphy-1
  13. Tell him what you’re thinking about, dummy!
  14. Looks like the first day of band camp with a bunch of freshman.
  15. Jamie’s rockin’ Brian’s leather coat. ❤
  16. Is he going to yell FREEDOM!!! at the end of this speech?braveheart
  17. Hills sounds like hells.
  18. OMG Dougal’s moobs are flopping. Ew!!!!Outlander_2.09_je_suis_prest_fools_rush_in
  19. Don’t you guys know you’re supposed to use light blue war paint ala Mel Gibson?91aaeaf622bb08ccd99d6eb901a99805
  20. And clean that mud off yer face, uncle. Ye look ridiculous, ye wee smout.
  21. Now I can see my reflection in his shiny bald heid.
  22. Claire’s goin’ Greek on Dougal!
  23. LMAO!!!! Fuck yourself.
  24. What a beautiful place to set up camp and train. ❤
  25. Hollow Claire
  26. Ew nasty Angus toes! Trench foot.  Knew it.6f75f976625cfbb9a39ae679c75618d9
  27. We don’t want any Lt. Dan’s here! 5g265o
  28. Come on… Murtagh or Rupert to the rescue. No?
  29. Yay! Jamie looks tall for a change.
  30. In-charge Jamie is hot!
  31. Doh! Dougie’s busted down to sentry duty.
  32. Pukey passout Claire
  33. Ambush!
  34. And all the while Frank was in a comfy office.
  35. I have seen shit you 18th century n00bs can never imagine.
  36. Jamie’s looking hot again.  This episode is chock full of Jamie hotness.
  37. I can’t stay and I can’t go. I’ll just stay here and be jittery.
  38. A Dragonfly in Amber!
  39. You’ll never be alone again… even if it means 20 years of misery with Dr. Boring.
  40. Haven’t seen Jamie piss on a wall since early in Season 1.
  41. Oh my. Is this Not-Yet-Lord John Gray?  Not how I pictured it happening.  I pictured them in a forest.Outlander-Je-Suis-Prest-2x09-promotional-picture-outlander-2014-tv-series-39667186-1800-1200
  42. Oh yes please do the scene! Go, Claire, go!
  43. Lmao at the faces of the guys who don’t know what she’s up to.
  44. Hahaha The looks between J&C!
  45. Why not just call him John from the start?
  46. Lol Claire is so good with her “acting.” At least they didn’t bare her breast.
  47. Oh, you’ll meet again. And again and again.
  48. This episode is so much better than the last one.
  49. Show ‘em your nasty back. 6 lashes ain’t nothing.  Love taps compared to the damage wrought by BJR.
  50. Nice war paint.
  51. Jamie looks hot in war paint. Murtagh just looks scary.  But Jamie reminds me of Mathias Nygard in full Turisas regalia.tumblr_lroqzkO9uz1qe1utko1_1280
  52. We be burnin’ yer wheelz.
  53. I’ve burnt stuff. I’m horny.  Let me get war paint on your face.
  54. I like their rustic abode. Too bad they have to leave it.
  55. The singing sounds like Latin or Hebrew or Native American, not Gaelic.
  56. Bigger camp.
  57. How nice, throwing your dear uncle a bone. Wait til he meets that fop.


Post episode:

  1. Ron Moore is a good looking man.
  2. I love you a lil bit too, Matt Roberts.

My thoughts while watching Outlander episode 207 “Faith”


  1. I will not cry. I will not cry.  I will not cry.
  2. Brianna should sound more American, not British.  Or is that a snooty 1950s Boston aristocrat accent a la Charles Emerson Winchester III (M*A*S*H)?
  3. Monsieur Forez was there? Time for a reread of DIA.
  4. Wtf does a heron have to do with this?
  5. 18th century private hospital room = bed with curtains
  6. Oh, Cait, you are so good.
  7. Mother Hildegarde named her?
  8. Bouton rocks
  9. Master Raymond looks like one of the sand people from Star Wars.
  10. I like how they did the blue light. Less sci-fi than I pictured it in the book.
  11. Yay! The blue aura = Madonna explanation.
  12. Cat with 9 lives.  Cat o’ 9 tails.  What he whipped Jamie with.  Reference.
  13. I know Claire’s going thru hell, but I’m still mad at her for being so pissed at Jamie. If only you knew what that monster did, Claire!
  14. Oh, Fergus, you sweet boy, acting as protector, as Jamie’s proxy.
  15. Suck it up, Suzette. Take a cue from Magnus.
  16. I need a Fergus. (To go with the Murtagh that I also need.)
  17. How emotionally draining was this on Cait? OMG
  18. A child to comfort. Fergus you are so well placed.
  19. Tell her, Fergus! I know it’s not how the book goes.
  20. A talent for stealing. Lol
  21. My stomach just flipped over.
  22. Don’t show it. Please don’t show it.
  23. Jamie to the rescue!
  24. Go, Jamie, go! Kill!  Kill!  Kill!
  25. I demand a duel?  Lame. Come on, Jamie.  Just kill him outright.
  26. So now you know, Claire.
  27. Mercurial.  Good word.
  28. Damn! Mother Hildegarde is no shrinking violet.
  29. The green dress!
  30. The library. Also beautiful.
  31. Claire’s thought bubble: My husband has seen you poop.
  32. Hot chocolate, madame, before I take my pleasure with you in exchange for your husband’s freedom?
  33. King Louis has piggy lips.
  34. Don’t woo me, Louie. Just get it over with.
  35. Your brown hairline is showing. Fix your wig.
  36. He’s icky but it could be worse. It could be Prince Charlie.
  37. Nice room. You’re still icky.
  38. Claire’s thought bubble: A witch trial again? Wtf, 18th century?  W.T.F.
  39. Comte doesn’t look smug for a change. I like it.
  40. I’m sorry I tried to kill you.  Twice.  Please spare my life.  Oh, goddamit.
  41. Oh, Claire. You must be loving this.
  42. Thank you, Jamie, for making me La Dame Blanche. Power!
  43. Oh, hey, wait. The comte speaks English.
  44. King hands!
  45. Comte no likey snakes.
  46. Forez’s face is perfect! Lol  He looks like Little Steven (VanZandt) as Silvio in The Sopranos.  Always scowling.
  47. Be not afraid, Raymond. You know it’s gonna suck but you won’t die.
  48. Love, love, love that she gave it to Raymond first so the comte could watch.
  49. How did it change color?!
  50. Oh, Raymond. Very nice.
  51. “Oh well.” That’s all you can come up with?
  52. Good acting, Comte. Love the tears.
  53. King Louis thought bubble: Please do not soil The King’s floor as you expire, Comte.
  54. King hands!
  55. Another Wizard of Oz reference!!
  56. Oh, hello, King. I’d hoped you were done with me.
  57. Death arouses The King.
  58. The King is a 3 pump chump. Lol
  59. Claire’s thought bubble: OK. That wasn’t too bad.  Quick and easy.
  60. King hands say: I’m done. You may go now.
  61. Alrighty then. I’ll just take my orange because I don’t want to get scurvy, and leave.
  62. Jamie’s home!
  63. Jamie needs a bath and a laundress.
  64. Black mourning gown?
  65. Jamie sounded 100 years old just now. Like he hadn’t spoken at all in the Bastille.
  66. Holy raggedy beard, Batman!
  67. Sorry.  You’ve been through a lot but you must see why Jamie fought BJR.  Forgive, eh?
  68. Shouldn’t Faith be smaller? I thought she was only 20-something weeks.
  69. Her eyes were slanted a bit, like yours. In the book.
  70. I think if I was going to cry, it would be now. I’m not.  I’m safe.
  71. Hey, Louise. What’s shakin’?
  72. The shallow bitch does indeed have a heart and is a good friend.
  73. No, you can’t put your filthy, shallow, Prince-fucking, whore hands on my precious angel.
  74. Oh, I see the red hair! Awww!
  75. I love that Louise and Mother handled her like a live baby. Very nice.
  76. Again, Cait. You are a gem.  Such acting.
  77. Jamie looks thin.
  78. Um, Claire, you know the duel didn’t cause your miscarriage, right?
  79. It’s not your fault either, Claire.
  80. The forgiveness line from the creek again!
  81. You told him about the king.  Flat out.  Like that.  You’re a cold bitch.
  82. Claire, honey. Nice, clean 3 pump chump is nothing compared to what Jamie endured for you.
  83. Together.
  84. Yeah, Claire. People didn’t get divorced in 1740-something.
  85. Yay! Home to Scotland!  Totally worth fucking the king.
  86. But you can’t have 11 apostle spoons! You’ve messed up the set!
  87. Still no tears from me. Either I’m a cold-hearted bitch or you’re all wusses.


Next week…

  1. Oh, hey, Jenny.
  2. Now my grandpa wants to fuck my wife.  WTF, people?  I know she’s hot but come on already!


The PARCC Test: Exposed

Outrage on the Page

The author of this blog posting is a public school teacher who will remain anonymous.

I will not reveal my district or my role due to the intense legal ramifications for exercising my Constitutional First Amendment rights in a public forum. I was compelled to sign a security form that stated I would not be “Revealing or discussing passages or test items with anyone, including students and school staff, through verbal exchange, email, social media, or any other form of communication” as this would be considered a “Security Breach.” In response to this demand, I can only ask—whom are we protecting?

There are layers of not-so-subtle issues that need to be aired as a result of national and state testing policies that are dominating children’s lives in America. As any well prepared educator knows, curriculum planning and teaching requires knowing how you will assess your students and planning backwards from…

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NJWeedman’s Joint Raided: NJWeedman Arrested With ‘Joint Boys’



raid 3 Trenton crowd witnesses police raid on “NJWeedman’s Joint” and “Liberty Bell Temple III” on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Photo from

NJWeedman opened “NJWeedman’s Joint” on June 15, 2015.  His smile became contagious on opening day as he stared directly across the street at City Hall and welcomed every type of customer who entered – locals, fans, medical marijuana patients and City Hall employees. He had so much faith in the “Joint“, despite opening up shop in the deserted end of State Street, with both sides of his restaurant touching vacant, run-down buildings.  NJWeedman’s fame and appeal, however, actually made it possible for a viable business to run smoothly in the poor Trenton area.  A “joint resolution” was signed by state Sen. Shirley Turner, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and Assemblywoman Liz Muoio, declaring in support of “NJWeedman’s Joint” opening: “The grand opening represents the culmination of an extensive planning and building process, which has been brought…

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My thoughts while watching Outlander episode 201

  1. Shouldn’t she be more pregnant?
  2. I like what they did with the theme song.
  3. Die, Frank!  Die!
  4. Loving her bitchiness, ignoring Frank
  5. Good.  She sees the BJR in him.
  6. Yay!  Rev W.  Such a kindly man.
  7. And Mrs Graham. Kindly woman.
  8. Love Claire’s vocab. lol
  9. Omg I love Mrs G.  For believing Claire.
  10. Love the pale faces and colors. Or lack thereof.
  11. Claire’s thought bubble:  You are SO not Jamie.
  12. Ok.. maybe Frank’s not so bad. Just boring old Frank.
  13. I like him much more as Frank than as BJR.
  14. Ew. Tobias has British teeth. Gross.
  15. P-p-p-pregnant. Yeah, Frankie boy.  Whoops. There goes your inner BJR.
  16. Ok. Tobias is a good actor. Still think he’s unattractive. And Frank’s boring. And BJR… of course.
  17. Didn’t men have any different clothes in the 40s besides 3 piece suits?
  18. WEE ROGER!!!!
  19. 2 years. I thought she was gone 3.
  20. Flog.
  21. Were Claire/Cait’s eyebrows always so sparse?
  22. Cait, you’re breaking my heart.
  23. Leave the past behind. Now I have the Fates Warning song in my head.
  24. Don’t you dare take off Jamie’s ring!
  25. What’s the other ring?
  26. Burning it?!  It should be in a museum!
  27. Pan Am
  28. Skyscrapers
  29. Oh thank god we’re back to Jamie.
  30. And Claire’s happy
  31. Lol but not Murtagh.
  32. Poor PTSD Jamie.
  33. “Fronce.”  British accents are silly.
  34. Omg he’s so cute. Frank is such a stuffy old man in comparison.
  35. Indeed. What the hell ARE you going to tell Murtagh?
  36. Perceptive Murtagh.
  37. Mmmmm Jamie hair.
  38. Those back scars sure come in handy.
  39. Oh Jamie, my lad, you are a wheeler dealer.
  40. Oh no. Here comes small pox dude.
  41. The comte’s face looks fake.
  42. Our Claire. Speaking the truth and making enemies everywhere she goes.

Outlander Stars Reveal What’s New in Season 2

I love these two together even when they’re not Jamie and Claire. When Sam spoke, Cait looked at him and politely paid attention to what he was saying and then he did the same for her. They are both charming, polite, and respectful.  Can’t help but love them!

And they’re both nice to look at.  😉  Love her dress.  Wish I could see the lower part of it.  Hopefully we’ll get a standing pic of her in it another day.

She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink

Must Be This Tall To Ride

(Image/ (Image/

It seems so unreasonable when you put it that way: My wife left me because sometimes I leave dishes by the sink.

It makes her seem ridiculous; and makes me seem like a victim of unfair expectations.

We like to point fingers at other things to explain why something went wrong, like when Biff Tannen crashed George McFly’s car and spilled beer on his clothes, but it was all George’s fault for not telling him the car had a blind spot.

This bad thing happened because of this, that, and the other thing. Not because of anything I did!

Sometimes I leave used drinking glasses by the kitchen sink, just inches away from the dishwasher.

It isn’t a big deal to me now. It wasn’t a big deal to me when I was married. But it WAS a big deal to her.

Every time she’d walk into the kitchen…

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