I saved someone’s life today

I’m re-posting this from my other blog site.


Update: “Al” called “Joe” today.  He apologized and said he was very embarrassed.  He also called “Sally” and told her he needed to take a few days off.  This is good news.  This shows that he’s planning for the future, to be at work soon, if nothing else.  The detective was also kind enough to call Joe and fill him in as best he could given privacy issues.  Highly appreciated.

Please note that no matter who you are, what you’re going through, or who you might think won’t care or notice that you’re gone, chances are that there are people who care, will miss you (this guy only had about 2 hours leeway before panic set in), want to help you, and won’t judge you.  Please don’t let the unnecessary and misunderstood stigma of mental illness stop you from asking for help.


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